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What I Know for Sure
So we're halfway through the year, and for me, that's halfway through 50 and "life as it's meant to be." In January I told you what Maya Angelou said: The 50s are everything you've been meaning to be. Goodness, was she ever right! The sense of clarity, appreciation, and no tolerance for bull is nothing short of amazing. Every waking moment is heightened. I feel in love with life all the time.

You're not the same woman you were a decade ago—and if you're lucky, you're not the same woman you were last year. Your experiences exist to constantly teach you something new about yourself. Don't take any experience for granted. Nothing is happening willy-nilly or out of order.

You can't turn back the clock on your life. Change happens in the now. What I know for sure is that the discovery of all you were meant to be is continual, if you're open to seeing it.

There's an insight I love that comes from a little book called As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen: We do not attract that which we want but that which we are. Not in love with your life? Create something new. Change yourself, then notice everything change.

During a series of birthday celebrations I've been to this year—mine in January, John Travolta's in February, and Quincy Jones's in March—I partied till 7 a.m., laughed, danced, and drank tequila like I was 21. I'd never considered myself a party person—just ask Quincy. He knows I have a well-earned reputation for being the first to leave any event. Even on New Year's Eve, I'm home before midnight. But this year, I decided to open up a little and stretch out. I've had so much fun! I've decided I want more joy in my life, so I'm creating something delightful to celebrate every month—be it having friends over for dinner or picnicking on the porch with Stedman and the dogs, Sophie and Solomon. I'm laughing more these days—head-thrown-back, knee-slappin' kind of laughter.

So many uncontrollable, terrible things are happening all around us. The least and most each of us can do is make sure we release something good into the universe regularly. I know for sure that goodwill is reciprocal.


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