penny mann

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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Her New Look
The Clothes: "It's important to feel beautiful whether you're a size 24 or 14," says Penny, who weighed 320 pounds before she had lap band surgery six years ago. She prefers pantsuits and kitten heels at work; off duty, she favors pieces with a little bit of stretch. "I don't want to look like I've squeezed myself into anything," she says. This elegant Jovani gown flatters Penny's figure, and the iridescent colors are a subtly stunning twist on basic black. Cocktail rings and showstopping earrings add polish without competing with the dress.

The Hair and Makeup: Penny wanted to hide her gray, so Patrick dyed her salt-and-pepper hair a medium brown. Then he reshaped her cut, taking out the poufiness on top and giving her a sleeker, face-slimming silhouette. He used a small round brush while drying her hair and worked pomade through it for a piecey effect, which gave her ultrashort style some pizzazz. Penny's makeup look is sun kissed: bronzer all over instead of foundation, warm peach and merlot shadows, and coral blush.

Her Reaction: "Today I feel appreciated!" she says. "Being looked after by all these people means more than I can say. It's the best day I've ever had."

Dress, Jovani, $640. Earrings, Kara Ross. Ring (left), Stephanie Kantis. Ring (right), Wouters & Hendrix.