The Affair

Photo: Mark Schafer/Showtime

Just when I thought...
I couldn't possibly add one more show to my TV list, Charlie Rose started raving about Ruth Wilson in The Affair. I tuned in for one episode, and thanks to Ruth and the extraordinary Dominic West, one episode turned into the entire season. We left off with a romance in full swing, a murder investigation a child, and me ready for season 2, which premieres October 4 on Showtime.
Bridge of Spies

Photo: Jaap Buitendijk/Dreamworks II/Twentieth Century Fox

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks...
have a combined total of 21 Emmy, Golden Globe and Oscar wins, so I can't wait for their newest collaboration, Bridge of Spies. This Cold War political thriller, about an insurance lawyer recruited by the CIA, may well earn them more hardware—but for Tom, that's beside the point. He once told me that what he loves most is "just doing the work."
Lewis Hamilton

Photo: Lars Baron/Getty

I first met...
Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton years ago at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party, but racing just wasn't my thing...until now! In May, Lewis invited me to the Monaco Grand Prix, where George Lucas and his wife, Mellody Hobson, schooled me in Racing 101. I'm now officially hooked, and come October, I'll be in Austin cheering on Lewis in the United States Grand Prix. You can watch, too, on NBC—October 25 at 3 P.M. (ET)!

Sum It Up by Pat Summitt Above: With favorite daughter Kirby and Lewis in Monaco, before he burned rubber.
Michael Strahan

Photo: Blair Long

In his new book...
Wake Up Happy, Michael says he uses music to do just that, like setting his alarm to play Bill Withers's "Lovely Day" in the morning. The Live with Kelly and Michael host, who seems as confident on TV as he always did on the football field, also shares that he sees himself as shy. Kind of surprising coming from Mr. Personality. Michael believes happiness is a choice we make. Michael, I'm with you!

Sum It Up by Pat Summitt

Photo: Joanna Gaston

I am not a gluten-free girl...
so I was surprised when I tried the Kind Cake cupcakes and loved them. Rich in flavor and spirit, each comes with a message on the bottom encouraging you to be nice to others. Whether it's gooey chocolate with TELL SOMEONE THEY ARE LOVED or tasty vanilla with WRITE A HANDWRITTEN THANK-YOU NOTE, kindness tastes great. ($36 per dozen;

Sum It Up by Pat Summitt Sum It Up by Pat Summitt
Sam Hunt

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

I usually have to hear a song...
a couple of times before I connect with it, but it was love at first listen with Sam Hunt's "Take Your Time." For those who still haven't discovered him, Hunt is a tender, rugged, laid-back storyteller—a little bit R&B, a little bit pop, and a whole lot country. If you haven't heard Montevallo, his debut album, prepare to be knocked out.