During O 's first-ever White House Leadership conference, participants completed the exercises offered below. Now it's your turn. Download the packet, read more about the event, and talk with others about starting a business on our message board.

Getting Started
Use this worksheet and grid to set SMART leadership goals.
PDF  Goal-Setting
PDF  Project Grid

Negotiation for Change
Women own about 40 percent of all businesses in the U.S. but receive only 2.3 percent of the available equity capital needed for growth. Male-owned companies receive the other 97.7 percent.* 
PDF  Negotiation Basics
Leadership Challenge
Find out what's standing between you and success.
PDF  Project Challengepage 2
People are looking for someone real.Learn methods to help you articulate an authentic messsage.
PDF  Communication

Time Management

Organization expert Julie Morgenstern shares her foolproof strategies to stream-line your schedule.
PDF  Time Management Tools, page 2
PDF  Make a Time Map

Building a Plan
No action plan is written in stone. What you write (and revise) here is today's best guess for how you want to move forward.
PDF  Action Plan, page 2

Skills to Go: Get more resources to turn your dreams into action
* Statistics from www.womendontask.com
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