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Struggling with anxiety.
The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has created free, anonymous online peer-to-peer communities (adaa.org) for people suffering from mental health disorders to be able to find support, share their stories and connect with others who have had similar experiences. Prefer to meet in person? Find a state-by-state list of support groups on the AADA's website (adaa.org/supportgroups).

Struggling with depression or bipolar disorder.
Locate an in-person or online group at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance site (dbsalliance.org).

Struggling with postpartum depression.
The Postpartum Progress site (postpartumprogress.com) lists support groups in nearly every state as well as in Canada and maintains an online forum.

Struggling with schizophrenia.
The Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance facilitates groups nationwide; find one on its site (sczaction.org). You can also dial into its phone groups (855-640-8271) at 7 P.M. ET Sunday, Thursday and Friday with the pass code 88286491#.

Plagued by obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors.
More than 200 groups are listed with the International OCD Foundation (iocdf.org), which aids those affected by the disorder and their families.

The adult child of an alcoholic.
The Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization maintains numerous support groups and hosts call-in and online sessions (meetings.adultchildren.org).

Grieving someone who died by suicide.
Join one of the many groups for survivors listed on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website (afsp.org).

A survivor of rape, sexual assault or incest.
After Silence (aftersilence.org) is a message board and chat room for victims of sexual violence.

Battling anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or food addiction.
Eating Disorder Hope catalogs online support groups (eatingdisorderhope.com/recovery/support-groups/online); it also offers help and advice for those close to someone struggling to overcome an eating disorder.

Battling sex addiction.
Sex Addicts Anonymous (saa-recovery.org), similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, offers a widespread network of in-person, online, and phone meetings.

DailyStrength hosts a web forum where people dealing with self-injury can find encouragement, understanding, and a new way to cope (dailystrength.org/group/self-injury).

A veteran who is injured or has PTSD.
The VA Combat Call Center—877-WAR-VETS (877-927-8387)—is staffed 24/7 by fellow combat veterans or spouses of disabled veterans who can offer immediate help; the Vet Center program site (vetcenter.va.gov) can direct visitors to both group and private counseling sessions in their area.

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