"I was on my way to the mall with my family, gossiping with my husband. Unbeknownst to us, my stepdaughter was quietly vlogging about our shopping trip for her YouTube channel. Turns out our conversation about someone we know who we thought was having an affair made the final edit. Oops."
O copy chief Adrienne Didik

"A friend and I were Facebook private-messaging about the guys we had crushes on and sending photos back and forth. But instead of messaging her one particular shot, I accidentally pasted it into my Facebook status, which went out to all my friends. It was a huge picture of his face."
O health editor Jihan Thompson

"I got a text from my grandmother, and she'd attached a handful of pictures of herself wearing only—and I can hardly bring myself to say it—panties. She meant to send them to a guy she was involved with. I can never unsee those photos."
—Jesse H.


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