oprah's favorite things behind the scenes

Photo: Renée Rodenkirchen

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Above: Oprah, in her Burt's Bees Baby holiday suit and Talbots vest, gets a shoulder to lean on.

'Twas the shoot before Christmas, and O’s crew was stressed,
Our mission: to make this month's cover the best.

We got the set ready with seconds to spare,
For we knew St. Winfricholas soon would be there.
(You know her as Oprah, but with us please bear.)

Then she arrived, and to our great delight,
Decided a ball gown just would not be right.

She donned a cute onesie, all stripy and red,
And completed the look with a hat on her head.

Our star, how she twinkled! Her high-tops, how merry!
How fab was the shot that we got? Very, very!

But then St. Winfricholas had to make haste,
To pick Favorite Things—there was no time to waste.

She chose and she chose and she chose without stopping:
101 great gifts we know you’ll love shopping!

And so ends our story; our work here is done.
Happy Favorite Things issue—we hope you have fun!