Oprah Behind the Scenes August 2016 Cover

Photo: Sioux Nesi

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Almost Paradise
The atmosphere was serene at New York City's Milk Studios, which had been transformed into a tropical Eden. Oprah's glowy skin and loose curls were perfectly in sync with the laid-back theme, but our cover model was happiest about her outfit, a light-as-air white peasant top from JCPenney and a Chloé chiffon skirt. "It's such a pretty skirt for entertaining, with just a simple top, don't you think?" said Oprah. O creative director Adam Glassman agreed: "It feels like an instant vacation." That was Oprah's cue to take a mini internal vacation, closing her eyes and quieting her mind to find her focus before the camera started clicking. Needless to say, it was smooth sailing from there. And on her way out, Oprah snagged a souvenir. "This skirt is everything. Bye, y'all, I'm taking it home with me."