Forget a head-to-toe makeover. From angling in bangs to upgrading your moisturizer to switching laundry detergents, a change doesn't have to be a big deal to be a real breakthrough. We've got 53 smart little ways to make you feel dazzling.
Here's how to…

Deepen Your Color
Feel enriched—or at least enrich your haircolor with a tinted gloss. In-salon treatments are great, but an at-home version like John Frieda Collection Luminous Color Glaze ($10) works well, too, and keeps your color lush for about a month.

Shine On
Every couple of months, you can use clear henna to add shine. Mix the powder with warm water, work the mixture through your hair, and leave it on for the recommended time (about 45 minutes).

Go for Glow
Brighten your face with a few face-framing highlights. Keep it subtle by going just a few shades lighter than your natural color.

Become a Blonde
Or if you're feeling bold (or bored), go for a dramatic haircolor change. If you've always wondered how you'd look as a blonde, now's the time to do it: The chemicals that lift dark color are gentler than ever, so you can lighten without getting fried.

Pump it Up
Really pump up your hair's volume by applying mousse the right way: Trace a thin stream of foam along your hairline and part. Then use your fingertips to lightly massage the product into the roots. The mousse will be more evenly and efficiently distributed than if you had applied it the way most people do, in one big blob.

Wake Up Gorgeous
Before bed, apply a liberal amount of leave-in conditioner on dry hair. With a soft elastic that won't leave a ridge, put it up in a high ponytail (which will create volume when you take it down). In the morning, your hair will be shinier and silkier. Or, if your hair is always stringy in the morning, apply a little Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder ($34) at night. The powder absorbs the oils in your hair, making it fluffier.

Hide Thinning Hair
If you have thinning hair and your scalp is starting to show, don't try to give your hair height with teasing or root-lifting products. Use a texturizing gel, and get a cut with long layers.


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