Maybe making a pile of money isn't the driving force in your life, but maybe you were brought up to believe that nice girls don't or can't or shouldn't even try to get rich on their own. All we're saying is: Consider the possibilities. If you've got any kind of entrepreneurial itch, you're about to be inspired.
For every woman who earns $100,000 or more, there are four men. The annual median earnings for a man working full time is $40,668. For a woman, it's $30,724. That's almost 25 percent less.

Why is it that so few women plan to be millionaires (or "many-thousandaires," or even let's hear it for "self-supporting with some realistic plan for retirement") when so many men do? Why is it not the woman's responsibility, as much as the man's, to reach for the gold? Is it because we're the primary caregivers for our children? Because we've been programmed from birth, from our fairy tales, novels, magazines, and television shows ( Sex and the City , Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? ) to believe that catching the man means catching the cash?

Women should do what men do: Make the money! Success is a choice. You have an obligation to yourself—to make you your first priority. You don't have to give up love or family; you just have to keep them in balance while you're building your nest egg.


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