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How to Find an Extra Benjamin Every Month
Ready to play a game I call Want or Need? Here's how: Run through your monthly budget (if you need to, you can use the free Expense Tracker at suzeorman.com) and highlight all the expenses that are "wants" (anything you do not literally need to survive; please be honest!). Then start cutting those costs by 10 percent—going out for fewer meals—until you're left with $100 extra. To trim even further, check for discounts before you make a purchase. Sites like couponcabin.com (which offer printable coupons and promo codes on everything from groceries to diapers) and apps like Pic2Shop (scan a bar code with your phone, and the app searches for online or local retailers selling it cheaper) can save you big.

—Suze Orman, host of The Suze Orman Show