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The Best Version of a Practical Thing
There ought to be a word for the feeling of misguided-cheapness-inspired-despair that comes from buying your fourth paring knife in a year because each $3 knife from the dollar store breaks apart in some new, inventive way—or else is so dull you find yourself stabbing fruit like it’s wronged your family. Buy a really good, really expensive, really scary-looking knife—and before you’re able to have a moment of regret, slice something like a pumpkin or watermelon and, as our French friends say, Vive la différence! Ditto for high-quality house paint, ditto ditto for an exceptionally comfortable mattress. It’s just one of those life truths that a really good boring thing will leave you more time, money and energy for the important things. Like looking up imaginative ways to cut radishes with your new supersharp knife so that they look like flowers.