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...and the Best Version of an Impractical Thing
Then again, grown-up life can't be all kitchen supplies and household necessities. Right? RIGHT? Right. Because there are also pace-quickening shoes out there, and dresses that make you feel ready for frolicking in a dewy field (or at least brunch somewhere with a lot of houseplants), and it is sometimes okay, nay, necessary, to go all out on these things too. Because there comes a time in every lady’s life when kicking off her pinchy high heels at a wedding inspires a reaction that is less "What lighthearted fun!” and more "Why are you limping? Are you okay?” One solution is to stop dancing promptly at 8:30 and camp out at your table, foraging for leftover cake. Another option is to splurge on a well-fitting, well-made pair of formal shoes. You know the shoes...the ones that are so well made that you can dance all night, even if the last time you wore heels was, well, the last time you went to a wedding. The ones that are so classic they go with anything and will look good in 20 years, when they will still—really! — be in great shape. See also: the slightly-extravagant-but-so-pretty-it-gives-you-happy-chills dress that just makes you feel happy when you wear it. Because these things aren’t worn every day, it might be hard to make yourself plunk down a lot of cash for them, but just think of the satisfaction you’ll feel the next time you’re invited to a second-cousin’s bar mitzvah and remember you actually have just the right thing waiting for you patiently in your closet.