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Change Email Addresses and Bring Your Contacts With You
Taking time to retype your contacts into a new email program's address book is tedious; it almost defeats the purpose of switching to an email provider that's simple and fast. Quinn McHenry, co-founder of, has a solution. He says that moving your address book is easy as C. S. V. That's the type of file you need to follow his eight-step recipe for moving all of your contacts from Hotmail to Gmail—it only took us 90 seconds!

  1. While logged into hotmail, go to the toolbar and select "contacts".
  2. From there, go to "options" in the upper-right corner and select "export contacts".
  3. When prompted to open or save the file, select "save" and place in the desired location. A ".csv file", which contains your contact list, will now be on your computer.
  4. Login to your account.
  5. Using the menu bar at left, click on the "contacts" link.
  6. On the upper right hand corner, select "import".
  7. Click "browse" and find your .csv file. "Open" it and click on the "import contacts" button.
  8. Wait for confirmation, close, done.

Starting from Yahoo!, AOL, or another e-mail provider? Get yourself to step 3 by searching your program's help center. Then, follow steps 4 through 8.