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Thinking You Need a Hefty Savings Account in Order to Save Your Soul
There are so many things to consider when leaving a relationship. Starting fresh takes courage. Starting fresh takes certainty. Starting fresh takes a plan. Starting fresh takes, if you've been living together or have combined finances, money. Don't let this be the excuse that keeps you in bad relationship. This article offers some good, practical advice for when you can't financially afford a split but can't emotionally afford to stay; namely, consider dividing bank accounts and cohabitating while you save for a move or find a way you can be financially independent. Clinical psychologist Nancy Molitor, PhD, told Oprah.com, "See your situation as a challenge, not a catastrophe, and know that you won't be in it forever." Good advice for all of us. Staying in a bad relationship just because you think you can't afford to leave might just be the worst financial decision you could ever make.

Amy Shearn is the author of The Mermaid of Brooklyn: A Novel.

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