8. "Totally too frugal my whole life"
— Peggy, real estate agent from Corpus Christi, Texas

Money regret: "I've been a saver all my life. It's just my nature. My mom was frugal. We jokingly used to call her Deep Pockets because she couldn’t quite reach the money that was in there. I didn't want to be like that but it just came to me. I'm 71 now and I really kind of regret not going for it more so. I remember going to New Orleans with my husband and we kind of looked at this boat that was going to go out. And we thought, "Oh no, it's $40." And we walked away from it and did that on many, many occasions. At the time, convincing myself "Why? It's going to be $40. Why do it?" And now I wish we would have. I thought I was going to change, around 64, and I have to some extent."

Essential lesson: "Go for it. I have changed, I really have, and I'm very proud. Recently, my husband and I were somewhere for dinner and it was like 'Oh, $46 for a steak. Sure!' Five years ago, we would have been like 'What? $46 for a steak?' And now we just do it."