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4. It's too late to turn toxic people into healthy ones.
Tilda has done everything she can to establish a relationship with her alcoholic sister, Leah. She's spent hours talking Leah out of the depression that makes her drink. She's gone to her AA meetings. She's paid for rehab. And Leah keeps getting worse.

Many people become wiser, calmer, and more emotionally healthy with age and experience. Other people display neither psychological health nor interest in changing. You may already have spent much of your life trying to get the love you deserve and need from someone in that second group. I'm so sorry, dear, but it's too late. That love will not be forthcoming.

Here's an idea: How's about you spend less time on relationships in which you feel like Charlie Brown, trying to kick the football Lucy invariably pulls away, and spend more time with people who don't leave you crushed and disappointed over and over and over? Go find the people who are waiting to love you. Because they do exist.