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Celebrate the Remains
Combat a fridge full of Tupperware with a weekly "leftover night," or place each night's extra portions directly in lunch-size containers. Don't think, though, that leftover has to mean "carbon copy." Frittatas, risotto, and stir-fries are easily adaptable, tasty ways to enjoy that half a bell pepper or partial head of broccoli from another recipe. Chef Tamar Adler, author of An Everlasting Meal, plans for one meal to evolve easily into the next. "I chop and cook most of my produce as soon as I get back from the market," she says. Half a dozen sweet potatoes roasted on Sunday become a side dish for Monday, then sweet potato cubes tossed with lime vinaigrette for a cold salad on Tuesday, and finally a pureed soup for Wednesday. "It's like convenience food," Adler says. Only so much more delicious.

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