To start, Lisa did a complete résumé redo by taking her dated resume and refocusing it on her most recent experience and removing the date of her 1980 college graduation.

Once her résumé was ready to face the market, Lisa embarked on a more personal makeover. She hired a professional photographer who captured her in "decent, hip clothes" picked out by a 24-year-old friend. "I never would have worn jeans professionally if [my friend] hadn't forced me to," Lisa says.

She then put the new pictures on her résumé—something Lisa only recommends for those in the entertainment business—and created an online presence.

"The way I did that [was] by starting my own blog site," Lisa says. was a way for potential employers to see the veteran journalist in action through past celebrity interviews, published content and photos.

To finish the makeover, Lisa put her blog's address directly on her résumé to prove she was young, hip and Web-savvy. Within hours of sending out her new résumés, Lisa said she got calls back from companies.

"[Businesses] started calling me and setting up interviews, and interestingly enough, I sent the new résumés to some of the same companies I sent the old résumés to, and [though] they hadn't responded before, suddenly they were begging me to come in," Lisa says.

Where did the makeover take her?


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