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At the Hotel
Skip: The Package Deal
These all-inclusive packages tend to include add-ons you wouldn't have chosen in the first place, says Rosner—and the costs are multiplied when you're staying more than one night. For example, at one major hotel, a romantic retreat package that includes champagne, flowers, cookies and chocolates costs $60 more than a basic room rate per night. If you're staying three nights, better to take that $180 and buy fancy drinks and snacks from local stores. The only exception: If one of the major reasons for your trip involves an activity like scuba diving or snorkeling, purchasing a package from the hotel that includes gear and lessons will save you time, says Rosner.

Get: The Loyalty Program
Even if you don't travel frequently, it's well worth it to sign up for the free hotel loyalty program, says Rosner. Programs often offer perks like minibar credits, upgrades and insider deals. For example, Marriott offers a fifth night free to loyalty members; Kimpton gives new members a $10 minibar credit and a $30 spa service discount. To make sure to keep spam to a minimum, Rosner suggests setting up an email address to be exclusively used for travel. is also a good resource to track your programs, points and expiration dates in one place, says Emily Jablon, co-founder of the travel blog Million Mile Secrets.

Skip: In-Room WiFi
Spending up to $12 a day for WiFi access is a waste of money, agree travel experts, especially since most hotels will offer gratis access in the lobby. You can get online for less by joining the loyalty program or using your phone as a hotspot for your devices. If you're staying for multiple nights, consider upgrading your data plan by $15 or $30 before the trip to avoid overage charges.