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On the Ground
Get: A Private Guide
Sounds pricey, but Rosner says that private guides can be reasonable depending on where you're traveling, and the access they can give you to must-see attractions is unparalleled. "When we were in Rome, we got a private guide for the Vatican, which allowed us to skip the line," she says, adding that one benefit alone allowed her and her husband a free afternoon to explore more of the city. is a good place to search for expert tour guides who have knowledge and "ins" at local attractions.

Skip: Rental Car Upgrade
Unless driving a convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway is a specific must-do for your trip, it's best to pass on the pricey upgrades to a luxurious car. It's also not hard to get one free, using Jablon's trick: Reserve a compact car, which tends to be in highest demand and thus, may not be available when you get to the reservation desk. "When this happens, they often offer an upgrade," says Jablon.