Photo: Courtesy of PackIt

Chill Pills
One cardinal rule of travel: Keep your carry-on luggage close and your medication closer. Colorful, freezer-friendly PackIt containers (picnic bag, $30) are made to keep food fresh, but they're also great for storing any prescriptions that require refrigeration—they can keep items cool for up to ten hours. Bonus: The compact package handily slips out of your luggage at security, making the least fun part of vacationing a little easier.

Photo: Courtesy of Postagram

Journey's Send
Buying postcards might be easy, but actually remembering to send them when you're cruising the high seas or hiking the Appalachian Trail is a bit trickier. That's where Postagram comes in. Just select any of your smartphone, Instagram, or Facebook photos, add a personal message—"Wish you were here, Aunt Ruth!"—and this app transforms it into an actual glossy postcard. For just $1 ($2 for addresses outside the U.S.), the service then pops your note in the mail. Glowy postbeach-tan filter optional.

Photo: Courtesy of Ellessco

Bottle Service
Bringing ingredients for dark 'n' stormies home from your trip? Great. Opening your suitcase to find it full of rum-soaked clothes? Gross. Protect your fragile goods with the VinniBag ($28), an inflatable accessory that provides ample cushioning for special bottles (like wine, olive oil, and perfume) and prevents leakage with a bottom flap that buckles shut. Cheers to that!

Photo: Courtesy of PackPoint

Ahead of the Pack
Never leave home without your toothbrush or phone charger again. After punching in a few key details—like your destination and the length of your stay—the free PackPoint app checks the weather to produce a customized packing plan with recommendations for clothing, electronics and toiletries.

Photo: Courtesy of Belkin

All Ears
So many films to watch, so few earbud jacks. Whether you're trying to pass time on a long flight or entertain fidgety kids while the family is out to dinner, the Belkin RockStar ($15) has your back. The savvy splitter can connect up to five pairs of headphones to one portable media device, effectively quashing almost any movie or music squabbles. But picking between an action flick and Taylor Swift? You're on your own.