Illustration: Lan Truong

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Sure, you may use a banking app or two, but you might not know that these handy helpers can do so much more than just track expenses. In fact, they can act as your personal mobile financial advisers, nudging you forward and keeping you accountable so you can achieve your money goals.

If you're hesitant about jumping in with both feet, know that financial technology (or "fintech") is far from a passing fad; it'll become an even bigger part of our banking and investing experiences in the future. And if safety's a concern, rest assured: As the app market has advanced over the years, so has its focus on security and data privacy. It's in the makers' best interest to protect our financial information since their reputation and bottom line depend on it. So get out your smartphone and try these fantastic, futuristic resources designed to help you master your money in the new year.