pug with a hat for Halloween

Photo: Jessica Furtado

Top Dog
When Jessica Furtado went looking for a winter hat for her pug, James Dean, she found that most headgear didn’t fit his pumpkin-shaped noggin. So she learned to knit—a decision that resulted in both a fetching beanie and the idea for her shop, All You Need Is Pug. Furtado’s most popular designs include aviator helmets and unicorn horns. She also creates custom pieces, like a one-eyed monster hat she knit for a client’s one-eyed pup.
cat in mermaid Halloween costume

Courtesy of The Morest

Copy Cats

If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing your tabby as a tarantula, check out Lynn “the Cougar” Dodson’s shop, TKC Cozy Pawz. A seamstress who got her start at age 4, Dodson discovered her passion for creating pet costumes after dressing her 25-pound Maine coon, Moose, as a shark (and a bumblebee and Big Bird) and entering him in a Halloween contest. Since 2015, she’s been making lobster, chicken, and mermaid (pictured) ensembles for portly cats, petite dogs, and other critters great and small.
beagle in Halloween costume

Photo: Hannah Wagner/Matti's Millinery and Costumes

Regal Beagle

For the discerning gentledog in need of a stately garment, look no further than Matti’s Millinery & Costumes. Shop co-owner Hannah Wagner first tried her hand at canine finery in 2007, creating a Three Musketeers uniform for her basset hound, Wellington. Ten years later, Wagner’s boutique offers historical attire for both pets and people, including designs for a Christmas caroler and Tudor-era royal raiment with a brimmed muffin cap. Charmed, we’re sure!