This month I join forces with a legion of women, all of us declaring a win-win for our bodies and ourselves. Because I know this for sure: With age comes the understanding and appreciation of your most important asset, your health. Gone, for me, are the days of wanting to be thin to fit into anything other than my best body and best life.

I come from a family of folks with high blood pressure and diabetes. And it takes diligence to manage a genetic propensity for illness. Eating more mindfully, exercising aerobically for at least an hour a day, stretching regularly and even doing yoga (with the help of an app: Yoga Studio, by Gaiam)—all of this has helped me transform my health.

Most important, I feel vibrant and charged up for all the great ventures and adventures I know are coming. Every day offers a new chance to embrace the wonder of being alive. And believe me, I do. I pay attention to the tiniest things. A leaf budding. Squirrels chasing each other up a tree. Another spring, new life. Nature changes herself yet again.

We can change ourselves, too—blossoming into better habits.

Today I stand fitter and stronger than I've been in years. I like the way I feel. And I want you to feel the same.

Together, we rise!


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