Gratitude is a great motivator.

My parents never let me forget that I inherited a tremendous legacy. My father once teased me, "Boy, don't walk around this house like you hit a triple—you were born on third base." When I'm on the Senate floor, I know all the struggles it took to open up doors that I'm now walking through.

Nothing beats working together.

Rugged individualism is a nice idea, but it didn't build the Hoover Dam, get us to the moon or map the human genome. Recognizing that we need one another can yield tremendous accomplishments.

Pop culture is my friend.

I love tons of TV shows—Modern Family, Game of Thrones—and DC and Marvel superheroes. There are definitely days when I identify with the Incredible Hulk!

You can't always be virtuous.

I became a vegan in 2014, and I've also been trying to give up sugar recently. But I just can't resist certain cupcakes and cookie dough. Even vegans have vices.

Compassion is power.

In my opinion, good energy—kindness, decency and love—is the most transformative force in the world.


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