Photo: Chad Griffith

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Guess Who?
Take a quick look at the above photos of these lovely folks, then consider the list of occupations below. Under each occupation, match the person you’d link it to.
  • Deejay
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Dancer
  • Military Laboratory Tech
  • Woodworker

    Answers (from left to right)

    Dancer: Erik Cavanaugh
    “A teacher once told my parents I’d never find success as a dancer because of my size. Luckily, we didn’t listen—I eventually majored in dance in college. I may not have a Balanchine body, but that doesn’t mean I can’t move. And since my path was blocked, I started paving my own.”

    Woodworker: Bozenka Shepherd
    “Before this, I was designing pickup trucks at General Motors. Now, my partner and I repurpose salvaged wood we find around Detroit; I spend my days covered in dust, and I couldn’t be happier.”

    Military Laboratory Tech: Dayna Lynch
    “I always loved tattoos, and after a near-fatal car crash, I decided to express myself however I wanted. Still, plenty of people think tattoos are for thugs and criminals, so I have to cover some of mine with concealer daily. Most of my colleagues don’t know how heavily I’m inked—it feels like living a double life.”

    Fitness Instructor: Zehra Allibhai
    “Growing up in Toronto, I obsessively watched the Olympics. Now I’m a certified kinesiologist and teach about ten fitness classes a week. Most people have never encountered a woman in a hijab at CrossFit; I like seeing the shock in their eyes. It starts a conversation.”

    Deejay (and dentist): Mazhar Alhadid
    “Music was my first real passion. I started deejaying in clubs in 2004 and ran a music festival for about ten years. It’s not something I bring up with patients, but I did make a very calming playlist for my office.”