As a medium, I have the ability to communicate and deliver healing messages from the other side, which give us the courage to embrace life with happiness and joy. Through my work, I've learned so much from spirits, but no matter how our loved ones pass away, we are left with questions, burdens, guilt and shoulda-coulda-wouldas—all negative emotions that keep us from keep us from healing.

Often people ask me, "Did we make all the right decisions? Did they suffer? What was it like when they died? What did they feel? Were they afraid? Did they know I was there? Did they hear me? Do they know how much I miss and love them?"

These are good questions. But the most common and helpful thing that people want to ask is this: Is his or her soul at peace?

This is a positive, beautiful question.

And almost always, the answer is, yes, the person is at peace.

When someone comes for a reading with me, spirits talk about the good times. Too often, the people they loved are too busy beating themselves up and forget about the happiness they all shared. Spirits will also talk about things that have happened in their loved ones' lives since they died. This is comforting because then we know that, with every breath that we take and every milestone that we achieve, they are with us.

Occasionally, spirits will even talk about their loved ones' personal thoughts and prayers—things that they haven't shared with anyone—which validates that they heard us say goodbye, and continue to hear us.

Theresa Caputo is the author of Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again and the star of Long Island Medium.


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