I'm finally decluttered. My closet is color coordinated. Cabinets organized. Each spice in its place. Every one of my treasured first edition books boxed and labeled. Order and the peace of mind that comes with it abound in my home. I'm surrounded by symmetry and beauty. I've worked hard to get here. Now my goal is to rise to the level of my surroundings.

How can I emotionally and spiritually sustain the space of happiness, contentment, joy?

What I know for sure: Our internal space has to be given the same level of respect and diligent attention as the external.

This means constant cleaning. Sorting through the corners of the mind for any residue of doubt, resentment, guilt, shame or other negative feelings—the feelings that represent choosing fear over love.

To be fulfilled and happy on this planet of duality, of darkness and light, we must move toward the light and love. Daily.

If we don't, then just as our closets, kitchens, garages and bathrooms become overwhelmed, so too does the room of the soul.

The answer, for me, is a daily spiritual practice. Silence. Stillness. The consideration of who I am and where I am. The acknowledgement of how far I've come. Gratitude. The release of anger. Living my truth and operating from a clear space of compassion and empathy. This is how I choose to live. Decluttered, for sure.


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