Best Escape
Puerto Rico, where I grew up. It was hard for me to land there after Hurricane Maria and witness the devastation. To see your family lacking basic necessities like water, electricity, and food—you’re never ready for that. But now Puerto Ricans living on the island and those abroad are closer than ever. One thing I know for sure: The people of Puerto Rico will rise.

Best App
Skyview. You point your phone’s camera toward the sky, and the app tells you which stars and planets are there on any given day. If you’re on a beach, it can be used in a very romantic way.

Best Little Known Fact
I know every airplane model that exists. My dad’s a pilot, and when I was a kid, we’d sit in our car in front of the airport and wait for planes to come and go. He’d tell me, in Spanish, “A 747 will land in 20 minutes.” And when it did, I’d say, “How did you know?” Turns out he could hear tower control communicating with airplanes on a radio—but they were speaking in English, which I didn’t understand at the time.

Best New Year's Celebration
My kids and I make a bonfire on the beach, and one minute before midnight, we burn pieces of paper where we’ve written things we don’t want in the new year. But we have other notes where we’ve written what we do want. We dip those in honey and toss them into the ocean. It’s a beautiful ritual we’ve done for years.

Best Comfort Food
Rice, beans and skirt steak with onions. When I eat that, I forget about diets and just let it all go!


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