"If you want to know how someone is in bed, watch the way they eat."

"Sex doesn't have to be a telenovela—it's okay to laugh and joke around."

"Find a generous lover. Don't do it in a bathtub."

"No need to hide in the dark—having the lights on only makes it better."

"Sometimes the difference between great sex and not-so-great sex can be summed up in two words: dimmer switch."

"Lube is your best friend!"

"Beware of guys with long fingernails, in sex and in life."

"Not every woman needs big round ta-tas to be hot."

"An inexpensive pair of thigh-high socks can be a game changer."

"Don't knock phone sex until you've tried it."

"Don't go to bed with anyone crazier than you are."

"Learning someone's body is a process. And if you're with the right person, that process can be very fun."


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