Joseph: At first I wasn't concentrating on our warm-up stretches—I was concentrating on getting Beyoncé tickets. But when I focused, I could feel my shoulders relaxing.

Elyse: I was worried about taking off my heels in case my feet were stinky.

Deirdre: I enjoyed it. When I wasn't sweating over how much I was sweating.

Kindra: I thought the energy in the room was amazing. Strength in numbers! I tried meditating by myself on a plane once, but failed. I still think the most effective treatment for fear of flying is Pinot Grigio.

Molly: Jen makes it seem easy, but she probably has a big, beautiful place full of yoni-shaped reflecting ponds. I have a railroad apartment with one working door.

Christina: When she asked us to visualize our lower body surrounded by red, I kept coming back to cobalt blue around my neck and head. Later she told me blue is the color of the energy center associated with communication, which is in the neck area.

Tova: I saw blue, too!

Elyse: Is that because you guys are in the art department? I just kept opening my eyes. But now I know what all of you look like when you're asleep.

Molly: I liked the part where we picked our mantra based on what we wanted to channel. I chose calm. But a few times I actually found myself saying clam. Maybe I'm going to manifest shellfish?

Gillian: I picked pay attention—then fell asleep. And my husband's a meditation instructor!

Tova: You know, I've found that when I'm talking to someone, I now notice when my mind wanders, and I bring myself back to the moment.

Christina: I thought you had to learn to meditate, but you don't learn, you just jump in. Anybody else want to keep up the group sessions?

Tova: Let's do it!

Molly: I'm just glad to know this stuff's not only for people who can spell bodhisattva.


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