3. "This world is too much for me."

This sentence prevents you from realizing that your experiences are always perfect for you, given the wisdom of the choices you have made. Every circumstance and interaction requires you to choose to act in fear (as you have done unconsciously before) or to act in love, consciously (acts of love are always conscious).

You will have opportunities to act in love and to create a world of love with your choices until you die and your soul returns home. Each time you say, "This world is too much for me," you squander one. You will always have others, but why wait to begin using them?

4. "I don't have a reason for living."

This may be the biggest lie of all. Your soul has gifts to give, and you were born to give them. They may include raising a family, creating a business that incorporates the power of the heart, teaching children how to recognize love and fear in themselves and to choose love instead of fear. Giving the gifts that your soul wants to give always requires learning how to do that yourself. You have a sacred contract with the Universe, and no one can fulfill it except you. When you do, meaning and purpose flow into your life like a river flows into the ocean. Joy replaces fear, gratitude replaces jealousy, appreciation replaces anger and you bloom like a flower in the spring. That spring is always now, even when you feel that you are enveloped in an unending winter. Your life has a purpose, and everything in it serves that purpose. That purpose is to align your personality with your soul and to give the gifts that your soul longs to give.

You do not disappoint the Universe when you tell yourself these lies and other lies that keep you limited. You keep yourself limited, and you live in the painful experiences of fear. When you recognize these lies, you can begin to replace them with truths. Here are some truths you can replace them with: All my experiences are perfect for my spiritual growth. I was born to create authentic power. I am a powerful and creative, compassionate and loving spirit.

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