The Big Switch: The quickest way to transform a space is to rearrange the furniture. Keep moving pieces until you discover a refreshing setup.

Take It Away: Subtracting pieces helps a room breathe.

Multitask: Double a room's functionality. Create an eat-in kitchen by using the table from the living room; use a butcher block for food prep and storage.

Brighten Up: Even the humblest grocery-store bouquet brings a burst of color and life to a space.

Aim High: To emphasize the ceiling's height, use heavy, dramatic draperies that cascade to the floor.

Balancing Act: Establish a sense of polish and symmetry with a pair of stately lamps, or with a large painting hung on the wall opposite a gallery grouping.

Dress It Up: Adding new pillows, or a nice throw, can make it look like you've got a brand new couch or armchair.

Whitewash: Get new life out of old furniture. Give a dining table and chairs a new finish.

Coordinate Colors: Well-thought-out coordination—of vases, lamps and art—adds a finished feel to the room.

Easy Pieces: Make distinct furnishings feel cohesive by adding items that thematically echo the design elements of other pieces.

Bold Move: Try a new patterned rug beneath a solid-colored couch—the contrast makes both come alive.

United Front: Nothing revives a room like a couple coats of paint. Unify different rooms by using the same shade.

Shelve It: Wall shelves are the quickest fix for any space that's short on storage. They're a practical yet decorative touch; hung high, they emphasize the ceiling's height.

New Light: Replace outdated fixtures with a more contemporary lamp, hung at the perfect height to cast an intimate glow over the room.

Show It Off: Use new shelves to spotlight a few pieces, like a set of glass canisters and a handsome tray. The display can give the room texture and personality.


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