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Rule 8: Tech Is Your Friend
Consider these apps your 24-hour support system.

Join the Anti-Gym

There's no time to exercise. The gym's too far. Workout classes are too expensive. Push pause on those excuses and download Nike+ Training Club, a free app that offers 15-, 30-, and 45-minute full- body workouts—with instructional videos for every move—that you can do in your living room (some require dumbbells). And their four-week exercise programs offer an experience closer to personal training. Choose the month-long plan that most matches your fitness level and goals.

Get Centered

Meditation is powerful stuff—it may help quell stress, lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia—but trying to quiet your mind during a harried day can be a tall order. Headspace, an app co-created and narrated by an ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk, will help get you started with ten free easy-to-follow tutorials that require only ten minutes of your time. At the end of the trial, you can sign up for a monthly ($13) or yearlong ($96) subscription to more sessions.

Butt Out

If a stick of nicotine gum isn't quite enough for you, find support on MyQuit Coach, a free app developed by that has been reviewed by medical professionals, including smoking cessation and tobacco addiction specialists. The program allows you to connect with other smokers trying to stop, track cravings and devise a quitting plan with short- and long-term goals.

Count Calories

Research shows that many people underestimate how much they eat (one report found that adults lowball what they've consumed at fast food restaurants by roughly 175 calories). And while it's easy to get stats from a nutrition label, can you accurately gauge the calories in a bowl of chips or a square of lasagna? Leave the number crunching to Countertop, a free app that pairs with a food scale ($150) to calculate the calories on your plate.
— Sarah Meyer