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"My father once told me that marriage is the most important decision of your life—but it should be the easiest."

In June, I moderated a Forbes Women's Summit panel where Spanx founder Sara Blakely shared this quote and talked about having resisted marriage for a long time. But when she met her husband, Jesse, she finally knew her dad was right. There's an awful lot of truth in his advice.
perfect guy

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If It Seems Too Good to be True... is—and the film The Perfect Guy, starring Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut and a super-creepy Michael Ealy, proves it. The only thing I'll tell you about this love triangle from hell is that thanks to a twist nobody sees coming, when you think you know how this thriller will end, you don't!
janet jackson

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The Theme Song of My Divorce Was...

..."That's the Way Love Goes," so I've always had a special place in my heart for Janet Jackson. I've never managed to catch her in concert, but luckily, that's about to change. Her first tour in four years kicks off August 31. It's great to have her back, looking beautiful and strong and ready to put on a fantastic show.
bee sweet lemonade

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When Life Handed Mikaila Ulmer Lemons... the form of her first beestings, she made lemonade—literally. After her parents encouraged her to learn about the importance of honeybees, she created BeeSweet Lemonade: made from her great-granny's recipe, sweetened with local honey and sold at Whole Foods. A percentage of profits helps save bees. I predict big things for this girl!
melissa mccarthy

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I Adore Melissa McCarthy... the movies, on Mike & Molly and now on the runway. Her new fashion line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, is mix and match, polished and edgy, terrifically adorable, and great news for women who don't want to give up on style just because they happen to wear a size larger than 12. Her clothes fit every body on the planet, and I say amen to that!
Trevor Noah

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Guess I'll Be Losing a Little More Sleep This Month...

...when Trevor Noah debuts as the host of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert takes over Late Show. Noah has some big shoes to fill, but everyone who knows him says he's up for the challenge. Colbert is coming in with a lot of goodwill and a ton of talent as he ditches his "Mr. Obnoxious" persona and introduces us to the real him. I'm cheering them both on!