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I never thought I'd be...
giving up my Snuggie—until now. When people say something feels like "being wrapped in a blanket," this is the kind of blanket they mean. I'll be curled up with it all winter long. (Ivory mink couture faux-fur throw, $329 to $399;

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What do you get...
when you put Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in charge of a room full of alcohol? No, not the Golden Globes—though here's hoping for a fourth round!—but a laugh-out-loud comedy. In Sisters, the two SNL alums play siblings back in town for one last epic blowout before their parents sell the house where they grew up—except this time they're 40-somethings and not party-hardy teenagers. The dynamic between Tina and Amy alone is worth a ticket on December 18.

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Al Roker and Deborah Roberts's new book,
Been There, Done That, pulls no punches. I can't get over how candid they are on the ups and downs, both personal and professional, of their 20-year marriage (including competing for the same interview after Whitney Houston died); self-esteem issues (Roberts says her black childhood friends' taunts about her darker skin color were painful) and parenting challenges (they have three children). Mr. Today Show and Ms. ABC say they're just an average American family (me no think so); one look at the cover and you know how much these two have each other's back.

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My checklist for...
a great getaway? Incredible staff, Instagram-worthy scenery and, of course, finger-lickin'-good food. Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin checked every box. During my weekend there, executive chef Stéphane Beaucamp made delicious meals out of foods nobody really craves. He replaced my calorie-filled hash browns with a crunchy, sweet mixture of carrot, kale and parsnip (above—get the recipe here). Here's to healthy food that doesn't taste like Styrofoam!

I love when a show...
starts with a good old-fashioned kinky sex scene! Billions stars Paul Giamatti as a savvy (and libidinous) U.S. attorney and Damian Lewis as the ambitious hedge fund king he wants to bring down. I didn't mean to add another one-hour TV drama to an already-full DVR, but on January 17, I'll be tuning in—New Year's resolution be damned!

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