Above: Creative director Adam Glassman and fashion editor Jenny Capitain fine-tune Oprah's ensemble, as stylist Annabelle Harron stands by with Oprah's cardigan.

The vibe was all good as Oprah glided around New York City's Highline Stages wearing a Majestic Filatures top and a floaty Halston Heritage chiffon skirt—both in cream, part of her new neutral wardrobe. "When I did The Vagina Monologues, a big question in it was, what would your vagina wear?" she said. "My answer is a long chiffon skirt. I love a full skirt!" She picked up the gauzy fabric and let it billow behind her, then swept it forward to dramatic effect. "You know, you could wear that with flats for entertaining," mused creative director Adam Glassman, watching with approval. Oprah, in a festive mood, showed a little leg through the skirt's side slit, convenient for freedom of movement—because sometimes a girl's gotta twirl.


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