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Clean Up Your Medicine Cabinet
Trick Out Your Thermometer
Even if you can't recall the last time you took your temperature, it's still a good idea to have the right tool for the job. The new in-ear, infrared Swaive Thermometer ($100, available for preorder; is equipped with Bluetooth technology that automatically sends its readings to a companion app (iOS only). You can track a family member's temperature and email the results to your doctor—perfect for when you're bleary-eyed and up all night with a sick child, parent or husband.

Hydrate Faster
If you're not drinking enough water, you already know you're at risk for mild dehydration, and during summer, you could wind up in the ER. To help prevent that, try the new at-home remedy DripDrop Hydration Powder (in packets similar in size to on-the-go Crystal Light drink mixers). Created by a Mayo Clinic–trained physician, DripDrop contains two to three times the electrolytes of many sports drinks. The powder is now also available in some hospitals as an alternative to IVs to treat mild dehydration. (

Toss Old Meds
Pharmacies can safely dispose of expired prescription drugs for you. Enter your zip code at to find a participating pharmacy near you. Some won't take controlled substances (like narcotic painkillers), so the FDA recommends flushing those down the toilet. According to the FDA’s website, “Scientists to date have found no evidence of harmful effects to human health from medicines in the environment. Based on available data, the FDA believes the known risk of harm to humans from accidental exposure to these medicines far outweighs any potential risk to humans or the environment from flushing them."