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Streamline Your Workout
If you've never met an exercise class you didn't like—but don't love juggling multiple memberships—try ClassPass, a subscription service that grants you access to thousands of boutique fitness classes, from indoor cycling to yoga to kickboxing. (You can go to the same studio three times per month.)
Bonus: Mixing up workouts may help you get results faster. (Available in 20 major cities. $99 per month;

If you want to sweat and relax, try Barre3, which offers online full-body workouts that merge low-impact cardio with muscle-building moves inspired by yoga, Pilates, and ballet. Videos range from ten minutes to an hour, so you can get a satisfying burn no matter your fitness level, right in your living room.
Bonus: Membership includes seasonal healthy recipes. ($15 per month;

If you need a jogging buddy, try Precision Running at Equinox, one of a growing number of treadmill workouts around the country. (Barry's Bootcamp and Orangetheory Fitness also offer programs that include instructor-led treadmill exercises.) The indoor runs include interval workouts (e.g., alternating all-out sprints with slower jogs) designed to help build endurance faster.
Bonus: No one gets left behind. (