Dream Up Your Trip Together

Sit down as a group and talk about destinations you've always been interested in. Encourage everyone to think big and brainstorm the kinds of places, accommodations and activities they'd like to explore. Together, come up with a plan that gets everyone in the family excited and looking forward to the getaway.

Pack Smarter

Save space (and sanity) by resisting the urge to over-pack. When it comes to clothing and shoes, choose only the essentials—weather-appropriate pieces that are comfortable, versatile and can be worn more than once. Keep kids' games and toys to a minimum. Focus on items that will keep them engaged like coloring and reading books, activity packs, tablets and games. And remember: If you've left something behind, you can almost always buy it somewhere down the road.

Get Creative With Your Budget

From the price of nightly accommodations to the bills from your daily meals, the cost of a road trip can quickly add up. Look for ways to reduce what's coming out of your wallet, from bringing along your own food to researching free events along your route to ensuring you're getting great gas mileage, like the EPA-estimated 36 MPG on the highway you'll get with the 2015 Chevy Malibu.

Find Ways to Capture Memories

Document your trip in ways that are fun for everyone. Give each child a journal and ask him or her to draw the things they see along the way, from a sunset to animals they spot to something new they ate for dinner. You can also buy postcards at each destination, write notes about what you saw, then mail them home so you'll have a written record upon your return. Or you can create a social media account or special hashtag and upload photos as you go—a task made a lot easier when you've got a built-in feature like available 4G LTE Wi-Fi from the 2015 Chevy Malibu*.

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Go Slow

When you're about to take your dream road trip, it's easy to want to cram every activity and tourist site into a minute-by-minute schedule. But it's often smarter—and less stressful—to plan to see just a few highlights, and then concentrate on spending time together as a family. Allow the flexibility to laugh, to be quiet, to sing along to a summer-themed playlist, to reconnect or simply to get lost and find new roads. After all, the best adventures often start that way.