Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington says while routine is a fine way to structure your life, changing things up in your home will help you greet the world. "There's a reason why there's seasons. There's a reason why there's a cycle of change, and I think the same has to happen in your life as well."

And the best part is these changes don't have to be big…or expensive. Something as small as a new picture, throw pillow or plant can help. "The point is, you want to be excited when you walk in your door and you also want to be excited when you wake up in your home," Ty says.

Easy Ottoman
Find a bold, patterned fabric, wrap it around a piece of foam, and sew it together. Then, give that foam a hard-backed finish.

"What's cool about this is you can take this and now you can turn a simple table into an ottoman. It not only brings a little color, it also brings in a little comfort."

Disappearing Doors
If you want to make something like a row of closet doors along a wall feel less overwhelming, try this bit of simple decorating magic. "Paint the wall and the doors and the frame all one color," he say. "That way, it simply just slips into the woodwork."

Sharpen Your Stencil
If you don't want to make the door disappear, but instead want to want to bring it to life, Ty recommends an easy paint stencil. First, find an image you like. Using an X-ACTO knife, cut the pattern into a piece of acetate or cardboard.

Lay this stencil over the door—for instance, along the center moldings. Apply the paint using a stipple technique, and repeat wherever you want the stencil to be.

Picture Perfect
Ty elevates photographs from mere snapshots to works of art by printing them on large canvases. To really make the images pop, print them in black-and-white and hang them against neutral-colored walls.

Curtain Call
Ty makes curtains out of sheets. All it took was a sewing machine and some hooks. "Just because it lays flat doesn't mean it can't hang vertically, right?" Ty says.

Bedroom Headboard
To create a feeling of sophistication and romance, Ty creates an eye-grabbing headboard, made by framing four pieces of white latticed wood together.

"It's going to pop off the wall and give it a little depth," he says. "But to give it some sexiness, I'm actually going to light this thing to get a little illumination." Ty adds the ambient light by stringing LED lights along the bottom of the headboard.


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