Graceland's living room

By day, Gayle works at an insurance company—by night, she's Elvis Presley's biggest fan! We pulled a few strings so Gayle could work her dream job as a tour guide for Elvis' Graceland in Memphis.

First, Gayle shows off the "King of Rock and Roll's" living room.

"He actually sat on the couch right here! This is a 15 foot long sofa in one-piece. He wanted all his friends and family to sit on this couch so they could all be together."
A tour of Graceland's music room.

Welcome to The Music Room! Elvis would have all his friends and family come and sing songs around the piano, and enjoy each other's company. They'd sing everything from country to R&B, but Elvis loved his gospel music the most.

"There were also several famous stars that visited this house [and room] including Jerry Lee Lewis. You'll never believe who else… James Brown!"
Graceland's foyer to upstairs.

This foyer contains the stairway to Elvis Presley's bedrooms that aren't a part of the Graceland tour. Mounted on the wall is a picture of a younger Elvis. Gayle says, "I love this picture of Elvis. He had blonde hair— he looks good as a blonde or brunette. He'd even look good as a redhead!"
Graceland's dining room

The Graceland dining room has blue velvet curtains and contains the original dishes Elvis and his family used. Elvis would sit at the head of the table. They would serve normally nothing but down-home Southern cooking!
Graceland's TV room

One of Elvis' favorite hangouts was the TV room. He had three televisions modeled after President Johnson's televisions—he could watch all three [at the time] networks at once. The room also contains his original collection of 45s, plus a jukebox that holds over a hundred 45s.

"The room is decorated in navy blue and yellow. Blue was Elvis' favorite color. [There's a] lightening bolt on the wall that goes along with Elvis' motto, 'T.C.B.F.' which is 'taking care of business in a flash!'"
Graceland's jungle room

The famous jungle room, one of Elvis' favorite hangouts, is Gayle's personal favorite room! Lisa Marie would take naps in the brown leather chair—that's actually her Teddy Bear! With green shag carpeting on floor and ceiling, fake fur and wild animals—it's wild in here!

"The green shag carpeting on the ceiling made for great acoustics for Elvis. He actually held a makeshift recording studio in here! …Thank you, Oprah. Please let me stay, I don't want to leave!"