Even the spice rack feels coolly minimal.

"Uniform canisters are a little touch that can make a room feel calm," Julie says. Even the spice rack feels coolly minimal.
Everything in its right place

A thorough organization system, as Julie has here for her dry goods and dishes, helps take the chore out of putting things away.
The hidden cutting board

Julie makes the most of her small kitchen by using every inch of it. For example, she hid a cutting board above the cutlery drawer.
No more rummaging around

Pull-out cabinets are very user-friendly—no more rummaging around. The shelves were designed to accommodate grocery staples.
Hidden from view, yet accessible

Shelves and cubbies keep an arsenal of cleaning products organized. Items like detergent are as accessible as they once were on the countertop.
Linens and candles in drawers

Drawers of varying sizes store linens, candles, and other entertainment supplies. "It's pretty and makes the best use of a small space."

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