1. The Door Tax

Place an empty moving box near your door to collect items bound for Goodwill. Every time you leave your house this month, place one item in the box.

2. Cold Cut

Open your fridge. Spend five minutes disposing of week-old takeout containers, expired condiments, and smelly milk.

3. Undecorate

Challenge yourself to find five trinkets or decorative items that don't fill you with joy when you look at them. Put them in your Goodwill box.

4. The Third Degree

Chances are, you wear only what's near the top of your piles of T-shirts and sweaters. Put the bottom third of each pile in your donation box.

5. 5-5-5

In the next five minutes, find five items in the room where you are sitting to give away, five to throw away, and five to put away. Ready...go!

6. Inspector Gadget

Spend 15 minutes unearthing electronics you no longer use: e-readers, game consoles, cameras. Sell them for cash using eBay's new valet service, Sell for Me.*

*Ebay's new Sell for Me program will send you a free box (or boxes), which you can fill with items worth at least $50 in excellent condition—designer clothing, appliances, collectibles—and send back, postage free. Valets will sell your haul; you'll get 70 percent of the sales. In certain cities, you can arrange for a truck to come to your home to collect your items. Visit Ebay.com/SellforMe for more information.

7. If the Shoe Sits...

Gather your family's worn-out sneakers and drop them at any Nike or Converse store; they will be shredded and turned into playground surfaces and turf fields.


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