Bright, clean living room

Photo: Saverio Truglia

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Create a Lighter Ambience
By now, the house feels—well, like it's taking a deep breath. "Think of your fondest images of summer," Walsh says. "For me, it's an open door, a blue sky, a thin curtain blowing in the breeze...." Now it's time to "bring that sense of light into the space," he says. Which means Tobin's taupe throw pillows are taken to be cleaned, replaced by a cheerier set in oranges and whites. The coffee table, meanwhile—pushed aside to make room for the toys—returns to its rightful place in front of the couch, set with a vase of fresh flowers (the quickest way to bring "clarity" to a room, says Walsh). Next to it, Tobin's new magazine rack and an additional standing lamp form the perfect reading nook. Corey's guitar, long banished to the basement, stakes out a space in the corner. The room is now a refuge for the whole family: perfect for games, relaxing with a glass of wine, watching a DVD—or leaving, anxiety-free, to spend a summer evening outside.

Peter Walsh's 3 easy ways to declutter and brighten your home for summer