Kitchen after one day

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In one day, Boyd breathed new life into the room. A new coat of paint was just what Elizabeth's kitchen needed!

Paint Job: Nothing revives a room like a couple of coats of paint. Inspired by a detail from Maia #1 by Janaina Tschäpe, a photograph in Elizabeth's collection, Boyd chose a soft bluish gray from Benjamin Moore.

Whitewash: "Paint is also a great way to get new life out of old furniture," says Boyd, who gave Elizabeth's dining table and library chair a new finish.

Scale Back: Because the intimate space of the kitchen needed a subtler graphic statement, Boyd replaced the large painting there with a smaller piece.

Coordinate Colors: Just as the white table and chairs work beautifully together, so do the crisp blue of the vase, the pendant lamp, the fruit bowl and the painting. The well-thought-out coordination adds a finished feel to the room.