Living room after one day

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Boyd designed a new living room for Elizabeth in just one day by adding a few pieces that make a big impact.

Perfect Pairs: Boyd placed two stately lamps from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams on the credenza, and they do more than illuminate the room: They establish a sense of polish and symmetry.

Hide Away: The credenza is the perfect place to stash media technology. "Let's be honest," Boyd says. "No one wants to stare at a stereo or DVD player."

Aim High: To emphasize the ceiling's height, Boyd used heavy, dramatic draperies from Silk Trading Co. that cascade to the floor. He also placed two framed pieces of art, rather than one, between the windows to reinforce the longitudinal effect.

Dress It Up: "Adding new pillows and a nice throw can make it look like you've got a brand-new couch or armchair," Boyd says.

Balancing Act: Boyd used art to further establish the symmetry in Elizabeth's living room. He moved the large piece from the kitchen to a spot over the couch and then, for balance, hung a gallery grouping on the opposite wall, above the credenza.