coffee station

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Invent Mini-Destinations

Shaping destinations in your home is a simple way to begin the processes of creating the home you dream of. Break each room into several mini areas by defining a purpose for each. Special destinations within the home offer a sense of peace and invitation for you and guests.

Mini destinations: Coffee station, reading corner, sewing nook, homework zone, music area, command center

living room refresh

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Give Your Couch a Facelift

Revive saggy cushions. Add foam pieces or other stuffing to zippered cushions. If they are sewn then release part of the seam, fill, then re-stitch. They will look and feel much better.

wall art

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Don't Forget a Signature Piece

Enhance a room by adding a signature piece of furniture. This is an item that—because of its color, shape, style size, element of surprise, or striking presence—offers a wow factor. Multiple signature pieces in a room will make you and your guests dizzy, but one well-chosen piece will draw the eye, spark conversation, and infuse your space with energy.

plant to hide cords

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Hide Distractions with Everyday Concealers

What feature of your home seems worn or awkward and in need of a creative concealment?

Challenge: Chaotic, open storage
Everyday Concealer: Hang a curtain

Challenge: Tired kitchen cupboards?
Everyday Concealer: Paint the fronts or add new doors to the original cabinet boxes

Challenge: Ugly cords?
Everyday Concealer: Hide them behind plants and baskets

Challenge: Wimpy, worn baseboards?
Everyday Concealer: Paint them to match the walls

Challenge: Sloping floor?
Everyday Concealer: Put taller pieces of furniture on the low side for visual balance

house flow

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Connect with Texture

If your room feels cold or cavernous, bring in additional layers of curtain panels, throw blankets, rugs, and upholstered pieces. Repeated patterns or colors will unite the space.

bedroom decor

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Accessorize with Calming Items

Enhance your kitchen with wood cutting boards, wood spoons, and wood bowls. Add subtle touches to other rooms with crates and woven baskets, and frames and wood sculptures.

treasure hunt in your home

Photo: Melissa Michaels

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Swap accessories between rooms for immediate, no-cost makeovers. When you are ready to refresh a space, take a look through your cabinets, closets, and other rooms, and yard for cool stuff to use in a new way. Just because an item has sat in the same spot for years doesn't mean it has to stay put. You'll never know what will work until you try it! You might be surprised at how much more you'll love your space if you simply move accessories around. Try these unexpected pieces in a new location:

- A twisty branch
- Table runners
- A wood or glass box
- Pretty scarves
- An old gate or window frame
- A collection of postcards
- Musical instruments
- Lamps or lampshades

Excerpted from Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Homeby Melissa Michaels. Copyright © 2016 by Melissa Michaels. Reprinted with permission of Harvest House Publishers.