Bedroom before

Craig and Tracey couldn't agree on how to decorate their bedroom. Craig loved his trophy animal heads and wanted to incorporate them in the room. Tracey wanted something bright and soothing and wanted to ban Craig's animal collection!
Purple stripes had to go!

Craig was drowning in the femininity of his bedroom! Although Oprah may love "the color purple," the stripes were keeping Craig up at night!
Interior designer Nate Berkus

Interior designer Nate Berkus comes to the rescue, blending masculine and feminine touches to make a great space for the entire family.

Italian linens and a new board

Nate took the bed from frilly to sophisticated with Italian linens and a wooden Chambers catalogue headboard. He used dark and light wood bedside tables to compliment each other.

Window treatments

Window treatments were another area the couple couldn't agree on. Tracey wanted an open, airy look. Craig wanted privacy. Nate removed the draped window sconces and added cream wood blinds.
Old fireplace needs a makeover.

Although they loved their fireplace, they felt it was aesthetically cold. They also felt that the TV sitting above the fireplace was an eyesore.
A classy looking fireplace mantle

The fireplace should be the dominant feature of the room. Nate built up the mantel by adding wood molding and marble tile. He also added a personal touch by framing one of Tracey and Craig's children's paintings as if it were a precious piece of artwork, and hung it over the mantel.
Hide the TV

Tricky Nate! He hid the TV behind the artwork!
A blue bathroom gone bad.

Tracey wanted the bathroom to coordinate with the bedroom, and she wanted to add texture. Craig says the bare, bright blue walls look like someone smeared blueberry yogurt all over!
One classy commode

Nate replaced the generic countertops and cabinets with 1920s fixtures from American Standard and light fixtures with adjustable mirrors from Pottery Barn. He painted the bathroom a warm color to match the bedroom.
More romantic touches to a master bath.

Tracey and Craig wanted a touch of romance, so Nate added a chandelier over the bathtub.

He also hung kids' handprintsan old Father's Day presenton the walls to add a personal touch.
Closet organization was a big problem before Nate...

Tracey also wanted to coordinate the closet with the bedroom, so she painted it purple! Craig wants to know, "Who paints the inside of their closet?"

All kidding aside, Craig had only one drawer for his things, and said organization was a big problem.
Nate redesigns a couple's closet

Nate agrees with Craig about the painted closet and brought it back to white.

He made the walk-in closet a dressing room with "his and hers" appeal. He brought the dresser from the bedroom into the closet, added a bench, hung one of Craig's hunting pictures over his dresser, and re-organized the closet with functional pieces from the Expo Design Center.
This is Craig and Tracey's room before

This is Craig and Tracey's room before…
Nate Berkus' beautiful master bedroom

…This is their bedroom after!

Craig says, "This is me. I am back!"